Oily/ Breakout & Inflammation

    Oily skin and breakouts can be caused by genetics, internal stress or hormonal fluctuations, or external environmental factors, leading to an imbalance of sebum secretion. This can lead to concerns like clogged pores, black/white heads and different levels of inflammations. Gone is the day when this is only going to be treated with all oil-free products.

    Our formulas contain a balance of humectants and special blends of non-comedogenic oils to deeply hydrate while activating the mechanism of "oil attracts oil, oil melts oil" to effectively soften, loosen and lift accumulated sebum from the pores and the linings, achieving a clarifying action and enhancing the metabolism of breakouts for more rapid scar recovery.

    Targeted actives are also chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and cell synthesis qualities for longer term correction, rebalance and protection.
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