microSculptor™ Gua Sha Tools

    “I wish to share a lot of the wisdom and knowledge I learnt and experienced from my grandparents since I was a child, Gua Sha for the skin and the wellbeing is one of them.”

    Ada has performed Gua Sha from the first day she started to treat her clients over 15 years ago. With years of accumulated experience practising around the world, she has created her signature microSculpt™ protocol combining Chinese and Western massage principles to intensively lift, drain and sculpt with microSculptor™ Gua Sha tools designed with special sizes, shapes and cuts.


    “Cryotherapy uses sub-zero temperature to give a cold shock to the skin, which will send fresher blood to the targeted area. More blood means more oxygen, and a richer nutrient delivery, which flushes away toxins and reduces water retention. Your skin will look and feel plumped and refreshed – all within a matter of minutes.”   

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