The TCM answer to Red Carpet Skin

June 08, 2020

Find out how to get Red-Carpet Skin at home!

Celebs, they’re just like us. Whilst we see them boasting perfectly plumped skin that looks effortless on the red carpet, it’s important to remind ourselves that great skin doesn’t come overnight. Although there are many facials and treatments that can give your complexion an extra boost before the big event, bright and radiant skin starts with a daily skincare regime that promises long-lasting effects.

Speaking of A-list-level glow, few people know red carpet skin better than Ada Ooi. Not only is she one of the most sought after royalty facialists, she is also the founder of 001Skincare London, a luxury natural skincare brand based in London. Loved by high profile fans like Kate Moss, Lady Meghan Markle and Ellie Goulding, her facial treatments (exclusively available at The St. Regis Hong Kong Spa) utilise the brand’s award-winning skincare products combining with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and western technology to deliver visible results.

Want to get red-carpet ready skin from the comfort of your home? Read ahead for our review of 001Skincare London’s glow-inducing skincare line.

The Promise
"The excesses to which we expose ourselves daily—high pollution levels, work lives filled with psychological stress, overly processed foods—all require a counterbalance.”—Ada Ooi

As a TCM practitioner, Ada Ooi believes in “beauty from within”, which comes from maintaining the balance of our Qi. 001 London achieves this by fusing potent actives from around the world in the products, combining modern biochemistry with traditional apothecary principles to restore skin balance, provide resilience to counteract environmental imbalance and future-proof our skin at a cellular level.

001 Skincare's Amino Acids and Lipids Recovery Cream
001 Skincare's highly nutritional Amino Acids and Lipids Recovery Cream. Image: Courtesy of 001 Skincare

The Ingredients
While the principle behind 001Skincare London stems from TCM, which believes skin problems are a reflection of yin-yang imbalance and disrupted flow of Qi in the body, science is the name of the game of its skincare ingredients.

Take the Amino-Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream for example, which, in our opinion, is the best investment for your skin. “Almost all chemical components in this cream naturally occur in the skin, making them highly identifiable and able to work synergistically across skin layers.” Here, Ada is referring to the amino acids, lipid proteins and antioxidant complexes that formulate this nutritional cream. Whether produced internally or applied topically, amino acids—which come in the form of olive oil and sunflower oil in this cream—keep the natural moisturising factor (NMF) in the skin balanced, which helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sensitivity from temperature changes.

Another hero ingredient is flaxseed oil, which contains more than 70% alpha linolenic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs). Essential to smooth, hydrated skin, these EFAs protect our skin against dryness, inflammation and signs of aging. That’s not all, as this “SOS cream” (as Ada likes to call it) is also packed with vitamin E from shea butter and cocoa butter, which are effective antioxidants for cell regeneration, brightening and anti-aging. The result? A cocoony, fast-absorbing formula that gives comfort and a touch of luxury on the skin.

MicroSculptor No.3 (The Three Slopes) with the VA Repair and Reglow Concentrate. Image: Courtesy of 001 Skincare

How to Use
As a cosmetic acupuncturist and facialist with a TCM background, Ada is also a pioneer to introduce ancient Chinese rituals to modern skincare. She has invented the microSculptor, a more precise, polished version of gua sha—a facial massage tool that has been used since ancient times—that everyone can use at home to achieve spa-level results.

With proper massage and contouring technique, gua sha can stimulate bio-responsive movements to lift and sculpt the skin, encourage blood circulation, boost collagen, release tension and smooth away the appearance of wrinkles while awakening the skin's natural glow. The microSculptor No.3 (The Three Slopes) is a sophisticated device made of hand-carved, polished medical-grade natural Bian stone with three slopes on one side. Designed for massage across the whole face, from the forehead to jawline to décolletage, it is best paired with the VF Sebum Detox Concentrate (TCM Cooling Blend) or VA Repair & Reglow Concentrate (TCM Warming Blend).

“Our skin is a reflection of the internal well-being,” says Ada, which explains why she has created two oil-based serums: a cooling blend and a warming blend to counteract the heat or cold in the body. For example, my acne-prone, dry skin type is a sign of too much “heat” in the body, which is indicated by heated-nature induced acne or irregular sebum secretion. In my case, the Vit-F Sebum Detox Concentrate infused cooling, astringent and balancing ingredients such as watermelon seed oil and siberian fir needle is the most suitable for my skin. Not only does this serum purify and clarify the skin with detoxifying ingredients like juniper berry, it also plumps the skin with a hydrating blend of rice bran oil, omega-3, -6 and -9 to help enhance the skin’s overall appearance.

The oil-based serums can be used alone as part of a skincare routine, but the magic happens when it’s used with the microSculptor in a facial scraping massage. First-timers may find the tool a bit complicated to use first but with Ada’s 1-minute step-by-step gua sha tutorial, you can also transform your skin into an instant glow.

Our Verdict
It’s not difficult to see why celebrities and royalty go to Ada before photoshoots and red carpet events. 001Skincare London delivers what it promises: counterbalancing the skin at a cellular level. Every ingredient has been handpicked and clinically tested for its specific functions for the skin, making sure each product is a unique blend of the best in eastern principles and western technology. Add to that the innovative facial tools that allow optimal absorption of the products, doubling the benefits of a single product with a holistic ritual that feels like a treat for the skin. Whether you have acne-prone, aging or sensitive skin, 001Skincare London is the TCM answer to your skin concerns.

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Excerpt from Asia Spa Magazine
Story by Pearl Yan
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