Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine. It’s Not Just The House That Gets The Attention.

16 MAY 2022

You’ve heard of spring cleaning your home, but what about applying that to your beauty dressing table? As the skin slowly adapts to more moisture in the air, you are likely to start to notice an increase in oil production and signs of more long-lasting hydration in your skin throughout the day, making the rich cream that was your dry skin winter saviour no longer your best friend.   

You don’t need to do a full beauty overhaul but below are our best ways for how you can get your skincare line-up spring ready.

1/ Prep Your Base Properly

Start with an oil-based cleanser designed to effectively break down and remove the days’ worth of makeup, skincare and SPF. 

Next, follow this step with a second cleanse to remove any remaining stubborn impurities and to kickstart the skin’s natural exfoliation process with mild lactic and salicylic acid. This prepares your skin for the following steps after cleansing where you target, treat and hydrate the skin.

Both cleansers work on tackling excessive sebum production which increases with warmer weather. The first cleanse works to attract and melt oil from the pore lining, whilst the salicylic acid has oil controlling properties.

Feeling cleansed and fresh without the over-dried squeaky clean feeling? We think so!

Then we move on to picking the right treatment mask for your skin.

 2/ Treat Correctly For Even-Toned Skin

For sensitive skins, our Emulsion Clay Mask containing bentonite and kaolin clay can dislodge sebum to decongest the pores, absorb ionic-charged toxins & impurities and nourish the skin with its Shea butter and plant oil complex. This also helps to calm those complexions in need whilst giving it a pampering, in-clinic style experience.

For dry, combination skin our Pure Active physical peel is recommended. Plant oils and AHA complex clarify, attract and breakdown excess oil whilst Shea butter softens the skin as it is massaged over with dry hands before melting the sugar beads and emulsifying with water. The results: baby-bottom soft skin.

For dehydrated, mature skin, oily/acne skin try our Resurface and Radiance chemical peel. A leave-on mask designed to actively renew without compromising the skin’s natural hydration levels. Containing fruit enzymes to balance sebum production, refine pores and brighten the complexion and the legendary healing cica, also known as ‘Tiger Grass’.

Don’t forget to treat your neck and chest area that may be looking a bit dull and dehydrated after being covered throughout the winter months.

 3/ Seal With Permeable Hydration

A neutral, lightweight moisturiser is ideal for wrapping the skin in antioxidants and permeable hydration for better defense and repair both day and night.

AOX B-complex Collagen Cream harnesses regenerating powers of B-vitamins to build skin resilience to prevent skin water loss, glycerin to attract and retain moisture and vitamin E for DNA and pigmentation protection, leaving the complexion with a natural matte satin finish for all day wear. Rich enough to hydrate but light enough to be layered under makeup and SPF without upsetting the skin.