Best face oils for glowing skin 2022

18 MAY 2022

Ready, set, glow

Even if you don’t think you need face oil as part of your skincare routine, you probably do.

In truth, everyone can benefit from face oil, whether you’re someone with dry, combination, oily or ageing skin. The key is to find the right one to nourish and work with your skin type for serious results.

There’s that radiant glow, to begin with. But the other benefits of face oils span a long list, ranging from a younger looking appearance, to minimising the look of fine lines, dark spots from sun damage and acne for a close up-ready complexion.

Ada Ooi, Founder of 001 Skincare, says: "Using face oils can help to strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, as well as improve the appearance of scars and blemishes. If you have oily skin or irregular sebum issues (which cause acne and inflammation), it's not about whether to use oil or not, but about choosing an oil that's made with the right formula for your skin concerns.

“On the other hand, if you have dry, parched skin, you can't only rely on a thick oil. Without sufficient absorbed hydration and emollient actions nourishing the skin, your skin will not retain moisture and it will continue to be dull and dehydrated. By applying a water based serum before your face oil, your skin will be able to retain the moisture better."

Corinna Tolan, skincare expert and owner of Monica Tolan London, adds: "Face oils are an excellent way of carrying certain ingredients into the skin and, when it comes to cleansing, oils are very important as a lot of makeup, especially SPF, is fat-based. In order to remove fatty lipids from the skin, you must use oil to break down oil (water doesn't break down oils). That's where cleansing oils can be very effective, while also being gentle and kind to the skin.

“Oils are also an excellent way of carrying fat soluble ingredients into the skin like Vitamin A and Vitamin C and are a wonderful medium on the skin for massage tools like Gua Sha and Cryo Globes. When you use a facial oil for massage, make sure your skin is prepped: cleanse first and remove make-up. Then massage it up your face and neck."

Read on for all of our favourites.

001 Skincare VF Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate

001 London

001's Detox and Balance face oil does things a little differently. Light, silky and easily absorbed, this is the face oil for anyone who wants to tackle a multitude of skin issues head-on in one product, rather than adding a handful of new creams, gels and oils into their routine.

The Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate reduces the appearance of blemishes, hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines. But it also cools the skin, strengthens the moisture barrier and eases the effects of heated-nature-induced acne all at the same time.

Its subtle watermelon scent comes from watermelon seed oil extract, accompanied by Siberian Fir Needle (traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine to stimulate) and skin-loving Squalane, which improves oxygenation.

Buy now £75, 001 Skincare

Article written by Georgie Darling - EVENING STANDARD

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