Treat Your Skin From Within

25 JANUARY, 2021

The typical January wellness conversations can often leave us feeling deflated and unaccomplished when our New Years resolutions fail to make it past the first week. For us at 001 Skincare, prioritising your wellbeing will never be a seasonal trend; it is in fact at the heart of what we do and what we believe in.

Inspired by our ethos, we wanted to introduce joy to your January by sharing with you multiple routes to relaxation. Our 5 Days of Wellness festival set out to do exactly that. Bringing together wellness practitioners from a range of backgrounds, the week long event covered all things ‘self-care’ from multiple angles, providing you at home with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Whether the event introduced you to something brand new or allowed you to revisit old hobbies, we want to help you radiate positivity not just this month but for the rest of the year and beyond by incorporating simple wellness activities into your day-to-day lives. If you’re wondering which discussion to dive into first, let’s run through some of the highlights from the week to get you inspired and show you where to find them.


On Day 1, we kicked things off with award winning journalist, Beatrice Aidin, who joined our founder, Ada Ooi, for a tension release massage. Focusing not just on the face but also the head, neck and chest, Beatrice was amazed by how quickly she was able to feel the benefits of these TCM methods. Our uniquely crafted microSculptor tools and indulgent serums create the perfect pair for this at home massage.

As many of us find ourselves hunched over our laptops all day, this ritual is ideal for anyone who feels they hold a lot of tension in their body. Be sure to save and revisit this video whenever you wish to take part in a relaxing ritual.
Ada Ooi Beatrice Aidin


Day 2 welcomed Nathalia Grisard, the founder of conscious activewear brand GNGR Bees. Covering a range of topics across the sustainable and ethical fashion spectrum, Nat stressed the importance of caring for the clothing we already have and when we do make new purchases, to really consider the impact of our choices on both people and the planet.

This chat was swiftly followed by a quick 10 minute seated stretch with yoga teacher Jenna Samji. Keeping active is super important not just for our physical wellbeing but also mentally. This stretch is the ideal routine to revisit for a spot of midday mobility - click here to watch again!
001 Skincare x GNGR Bees


Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch, joined us on Day 3 to dissect a few New Year diet myths. Sharing her top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she covered everything from the importance of protein to her thoughts on intermittent fasting. Jackie also talked about menopause and how no two women will share the same experience. We believe these conversations are super important; we never want you to feel isolated or left in the dark!

The response to this discussion was fantastic, with many of you seeking further advice from Jackie following the live. For anyone interested in health and nutrition, this chat is the one for you!
Ada Ooi x Jackie Lynch


Our guest on Day 4 was environmental artist and illustrator, Olivier Leger. Introducing us to a world of ecology, biology and nature, Oli discussed his passion for marine life conservation and the current crisis our oceans are facing.

He then talked us through his step-by-step tutorial to draw a couple of his favourite creatures, a whale and an octopus! Maybe you are an avid doodler or someone who hasn’t put pen to paper since you were a child. Whatever level of experience you have, never underestimate the cathartic exercise of sketching, allowing your mind to take a break and instead to focus on your creative output.
001 Skincare x Olivier Leger


To wrap up our wellness festival, on Day 5, Ada was joined by celebrity makeup artist, Florrie White for a ‘look good feel good’ makeup and skincare masterclass. Appropriately held on a Friday evening, this live reminded us all how fun it is to get dressed up with your friends and enjoy a drink or two. Although we can’t do this in real life, what’s to stop you from arranging a Friday night ‘pick me up’ with the people we're missing at the moment?

Whether its a bold red lip or a simple bit of skincare, experimenting with makeup and beauty products is great fun and can really lift your spirts. Why not revisit this video to get inspired and then pencil in an evening of skincare and glam with your friends?
Ada Ooi x Florrie White

The best part of our 5 Days of Wellness festival was seeing all of you at home getting involved. We absolutely loved receiving your comments and seeing your photos. Don’t let January be where your positive mindset ends, lets keep it up by introducing simple wellness activities into our day-to-day lives.

Head over to our Instagram to revisit all five of these fantastic live chats and keep discovering new ways to incorporate wellness and self-care into your routine!