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Oily skin and breakouts can be caused by genetics, internal stress or hormonal fluctuations, or external environmental factors, leading to an imbalance of sebum secretion. This can lead to concerns like clogged pores, black/white heads and different levels of inflammations. Gone is the day when this is only going to be treated with all oil-free products.

Our formulas contain a balance of humectants and special blends of non-comedogenic oils to deeply hydrate while activating the mechanism of "oil attracts oil, oil melts oil" to effectively soften, loosen and lift accumulated sebum from the pores and the linings, achieving a clarifying action and enhancing the metabolism of breakouts for more rapid scar recovery.

Targeted actives are also chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and cell synthesis qualities for longer term correction, rebalance and protection.


Dry or dehydrated skin is one of the most common concerns as we go through our natural ageing process. Our epidermal layer gradually becomes thinner, a reduction in skin cell turnover and with limited capacity to retain moisture, our skin starts to lose its suppleness, smoothed appearance and gradually develop lines/wrinkles.

Dry skin can usually develop a relatively weaker barrier making it more prone to redness and sensitivity when encounter with external irritations like temperature changes, pollutions and UV etc. Our formulas are designed with different levels of hydration and moisturisation in various textures.

We always suggest incorporating a water-based and an oil-based serum for dry/dehydrated skin to fully benefit from creating a strong and efficient hydro-lipidic barrier to prevent it/slow down from further age-related dermal changes.

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Pigmentation is caused by an increase of melanin production which can be triggered by genetic factors, hormonal influences, sun exposure, age, inflammation and scarring etc. There are different levels of pigmentation, early stages are usually invisible to the eyes but showing as uneven complexion as a whole visual impression. As it develops it may turn into a brown/sun spot or in the form of melasma etc.

Our formulas contain proven actives that inhibit melanin activities while an array of anti-oxidants help combat free radicals, brighten overall skin tone and further protect skin from any external environmental damage.

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Our skin becomes thinner and drier as we age, leading to lower elasticity and fat density, making our skin losing its volume, with gravity it starts to sag and drag downwards.

Our facial movement habits when smiling, frowning and other facial expressions create creases yet our skin can no longer bounce back to where it was, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.

Other factors also include individuals' genetics, level of sun exposure and lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking.

Our formulas contain actives that rejuvenate cells while preventing the signs of ageing and reinforcing the skin barrier to help correct and prevent wrinkles development.

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