Treating breakouts kindly and gently
Acne, breakouts, maskne

2 NOVEMBER, 2020


Post lockdown life and the stress of working through a pandemic has wreaked havoc with many of our complexions. Working from home, limited exposure to sunlight and irregular sleeping patterns has left our skin dull, tired and congested. Add anxiety brought about by the ever-changing nature of our situation and face coverings becoming mandatory within many spaces and adult acne has the perfect environment to thrive. 
It’s a well known fact that heightened and prolonged periods of stress can negatively impact your skin, with breakout prone skin likely to become even worse. COVID-19 has seen the coining of the portmanteau ‘maskne’ which refers to the skin irritation and spots formed in the area our mask is worn. Since becoming a legal requirement in most shops, restaurants and public transport, the dreaded maskne is becoming harder to avoid. The friction between the mask and our skin, combined with the pore-blocking sweat and moisture that forms under our face covering creates the perfect storm for breakouts around our mouth, nose and cheeks. Aside from frequently washing our masks and keeping makeup to a minimum, there are many other ways to combat this unwelcome inflammation. 
One of the main things to keep in mind whilst treating acne and skin problems is treat your complexion with kindness and compassion. Whilst it might be hugely tempting to pick or squeeze and introduce harsh, stripping products to your routine; what your skin really needs is gentle, hydrating and nourishing products to rebalance and reset. 
Detoxifying masks, gentle exfoliants and calming moisturising creams are your best friends when struggling with acne. Inflammation is usually the root cause of breakouts and often leads to imbalanced sebum secretion, however people all too often make the mistake of reaching for skin-drying formulas which in fact only exacerbates the problem. Instead the products to reach for should be deeply hydrating and soothing to calm redness and rich in antioxidants with anti-bacterial properties to fight against angry spots. Active ingredients such as Zinc Oxide, Sandalwood and Allantoin assist in the healing and recovery of blemishes, soothe flare ups and regulate sebum production without compromising any of your skin’s natural moisture. Congested skin hugely benefits from gentle exfoliation with fruit enzymes and antioxidants rather than harsh, manual scrubbing. Products enriched with Pineapple and Mango enzymes work to balance sebum production, refine pores and brighten your complexion. 

001 Skincare’s newly launched Acne Kit consists of three powerhouse formulas designed to treat, heal and combat problem skin. The Sebum & Redness Neutralising Water Shield is a 4 in 1 hybrid product that can be used as an overnight mask come primer come moisturiser come blemish treatment. Packed with cooling Aloe Vera and Glycerin to hydrate and calm reddened skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial Blackcurrant to address bacteria caused breakouts and mild astringent Mint which has a high salicylic acid content to prevent clogged pores and loosen dead skin cells. Our brand new feather light, mattifying moisturiser Zinc & Protein A+ Clarifying Comfort Cream blends Vitamin E for brightening, Oat Silk to calm flare ups, skin-saving essential oils such as Tea Tree and Geranium and Seabuckthorn to hydrate and promote cell regeneration. For an extra dose of clearing and brightening, our third hero product Resurface & Radiance Hydro-lipids Micro Peel utilises skin elixir CICA to reduce appearance of acne scarring and encourage production of collagen. CICA earned the nickname Tiger Grass after it was noticed tigers roll in the herb to help heal their wounds! It’s also loaded with antioxidant rich Green Tea and Liquorice for brightening and zingy, exfoliating fruit enzymes.