Step by Step Autumn Skincare Guide

Autumn Step by Step Guide

As the season of autumn rolls in, the skin may start to become drier, yet still be recovering from the congestion from the summer months. Following our step-by-step guide is the perfect start to balancing the skin and getting it radiant and healthy as we lean into the colder months of the year.


Using a nourishing cleanser on the skin that won’t disrupt the natural skin barrier is a must. Our Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew is rich in plant oils to attract excessive oil/sebum to ensure the skin is never left feeling tight or dry after cleansing. The skin is always left feeling soft, comfortable and hydrated before moving onto the next step of the skincare routine. The delicate aroma of Jasmine Absolute, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, tantalise the senses making this so much more than just a cleanser.


As the months get cooler, and fresh skin isn’t at the risk of sunburn, this is the perfect time to ramp up the exfoliation process, whilst still making sure it is performed in a slow and gentle way. Smoothing the skin’s surface with our Pure Active AHA and Enzyme Peel gently renews the skin and leaves it baby soft and even textured after just one use. Slowly encouraging the cellular renewal of the top of the layer skin, reduces congestion and bumps under the skin, alongside lifting scars, pigmentation and dullness. This product uses pineapple enzyme and muscovado sugar to attract and dissolve sebum in the pore in an oil-attracts-oil process. You will find that your skin is left feeling utterly soft, retexturized and clarified.


To bind moisture into the skin layers, our HF Dermal Microniser imparts particles of hydration and actives deep into it. The skin is made up of 65% water making hydration the foundation for repair & rejuvenation. As the particles of the Alpha Glow Flash Facial infuse their precious actives and hydrants into the skin, you are left with a lightweight, translucent glow that can be built up to reach the level of hydration and glow that you desire.

4/Eye care

Caring for the eyes is an essential step as this delicate area is ten times thinner than the rest of the facial skin. The repetitive movements this area experiences make it easily susceptible to the formation of habitual lines, sagginess and puffiness.

AOX Hydro-correct Bright and Tight Eye Serum is a multi-action treatment serum that actively works on brightening and tightening the area around the eyes. Raspberry extract helps to intensively brighten the darkness under the eyes as it encourages micro-circulation. Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera work to hydrate, depuff and smooth fine lines. With regular use the eye contour appears much firmer and brighter. This is great to be used as an SOS leave-one eye mask to depuff and cool the eye area, particularly great for those mornings after a late night.

5/Oil concentrate

The other component in our skin to balance out our 65% water content, is oil. Applying oil to the skin works on balancing out the complexion by feeding it back the components that make up a healthy skin barrier. Try applying our slightly richer oil, VA Repair & Reglow. This oil is still non-comedogenic when applied and is rich in warm-natured ingredients known in TCM to rejuvenate weak and dry/stressed skin.

Applying after your water-based serums and before your moisturiser is the perfect way to layer up your hydration to establish a long-lasting feeling of comfort.


To finally give as much lasting hydration to the skin, apply our AOX B-Complex Collagen Cream as a last step both morning and night. This cream offers nourishing properties yet is ideal for those still recovering from summer congestion. It is designed to balance and detoxify the skin and suit white head and black head prone skin types.

Using a moisturiser as the final step, creates a breathable layer to lock in all the nutrients for gradual release into the skin layers over time.


Even though the summer sun has disappeared, applying SPF at the end of your skincare routine and before applying make-up is still an important step. The UV rays that penetrate our collagen and elastin stores sadly don’t reduce throughout the year which is why protecting them daily is so important. Make sure you are applying ½ a teaspoon over the face, neck and ears for the fullest protection.