Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew

  • The light and non-comedogenic oil formula attracts excessive oil/sebum and binds and removes dirt, without disrupting skin barrier and natural pH, ensuring the skin is never left feeling tight or dry
  • Helps regulate the skin and controls oil production, which in turn can assist in reducing breakouts
  • Plant oils of Jasmine Absolute, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Joboba, Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond effectively unclog pores and lift away makeup, even waterproof mascara, while nourishing the lashes
  • Antioxidants & Omega-3s help neutralize damaging free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Serum-Primer-Mask

  • Multi-tasking & Multi-functional: instantly brightens complexion, hydro-plumps lines and wrinkles, improves skin’s texture, mattifies, can be used as a night mask and as a primer
  • 9 Actives address the 4 key ageing concerns: Dehydration, Pigmentation, Wrinkles & Sensitivity
  • LOSS OF MOISTURE: Sodium Hyaluronate & Phospholipids intensely hydrate and bind moisture
  • COLLAGEN DEPLETION: Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate & Salicylic Acid promote collagen and elastin
  • MELANIN IRREGULARITIES: Alpha Arbutin & Vitamin C correct pigmentation and increase elasticity
  • INFLAMMATION: Aloe Polysaccharides, Vitamin E & Rose Stem Cells protect & soothe

VA Repair & Reglow TCM-Warming Concentrate

  • Squalane & Resin extracts work synergistically to replenish elastin fibers, soften fine lines, tighten & tone
  • Deeply nourishing Cherry Kernel Oil, rich in Vitamin A & antioxidants, helps improve dry skin, refines large pores, regenerates collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation
  • Rice bran oil promotes hydration, reduces pigmentation, evens out skin tone, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Frankincense stimulates blood circulation & helps move qi in TCM. Reduces wrinkles & fine lines and soothes dry, inflamed or sensitive skin
  • Benzoin protects & smooths, prevents moisture loss, improves elasticity and soothes dry, irritated skin "

Amino-Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream

  • Amino-acids from Olive & Sunflower oils are renowned to be anti-aging, capable of reducing wrinkles and of giving a fuller and plumper appearance
  • Flaxseed Oil (over 70% alpha linolenic acid, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids) helps improve skin imbalance and signs of aging, including dryness, sensitivity and chronic inflammation. Mainly used for transmission of lipids, cell regulation and metabolism
  • Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter (vegetable fat, vitamin B, vitamin E) promote cell regeneration and repair
  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E:Aloe helps absorb water, calms reddened skin and inflammation, while Vit E has a great antioxidation function and brightening and anti-ageing properties